Facebook Wants in the making?

By: Lien Brusselmans

July 5, 2012

News sites, blogs and social media are buzzing with a possible new Facebook feature: the Want button. It’s quite evident what goal it would serve: whenever you see a product you’d like to have, just click ‘Want’. Compared to Likes, Wants would be much more straightforward, making it easier for brands to find their key audience and focus specific marketing strategies on them. Of course, there would also be a major added value for Facebook themselves because of the extra revenue this would create. And that’s exactly what they need if they want their stocks to rise.

As you might notice, I’m saying ‘would’ because there hasn’t been any official announcement yet. The possibility has become public because of a developer, Tom Waddington, who discovered Facebook code that indicates the creation of such a Want button.

I can’t help but feel like Facebook is trying to get a piece of the Pinterest pie with this new feature. Being an online pinboard, many people use Pinterest boards to create a virtual wish list of gadgets, clothing, decoration etc. This was indeed a need Facebook wasn’t covering yet, which they now seem to be making up for with the Want button.

No idea when – and if – Facebook is going to launch this important new feature, but at least you’re already in the know now!