Facebook’s Organic Reach for Content Will Most Likely Drop to 0%

By: Sofie De Beule

March 11, 2014

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According to a study conducted by social@Ogilvy, organic reach on Facebook will drop to 0% in the foreseeable future. In 2012, Facebook already introduced a famous plunge in organic reach bringing it to about 16%. Over the coming months, that number will only diminish. According to the analysis, the percentage of organic reach plummeted 6% in February 2014.

Without putting money behind it, the average reach posts receive for brands is very low. The drop in organic reach is especially painful for larger brands with more than 500,000 Likes. Based on current trends as well as conversations, that figure will likely drop to zero in the future.

For a few months to a year, there will still be value in organic reach for testing according to Marshall Manson, managing director at Ogilvy. Facebook tweaked its News Feeds algorithm in the past to improve the overall user experience and declutter people’s Facebook profiles. However, many brands expressed their frustration as they feel pressured to make more ad buys.

Will brands be less likely to pay for reach on Facebook?

Although brands aren’t very keen on dedicating more money into their marketing budget on Facebook, they will still be likely to pay for advertising. Facebook remains a great means to drive engagement for your brand. The drop in organic reach actually opens up more room for creativity: brands need to make a more conscious effort to stand out as they can’t just post anything they want.

The pay-for-play tweak to the social network provides yet another challenge for marketers and community managers. Posting on Facebook won’t just be a sequence of boring marketing messages, but well-thought-out, high-quality posting that can leverage a brand’s social media presence.

How do you see the future of driving engagement on Facebook?