Features Update: 5 New Updates You Can Benefit From Today

By: Sofie De Beule

March 9, 2015

At Engagor, we’re continuously working on adding new features and improving functionalities.

Here’s an overview of some of the features we have been working on that you can already start benefiting from today:

1. We Now Display Emojis in Mentions

Sometimes, people include emojis in mentions to express what they’re talking about and they often add valuable context to a conversation. Whenever someone talks about your brand and adds emojis to the conversation, we now support it!

2. Twitter Images Now Previewed in Inbox

Here’s another useful feature that will help you save precious time that just has been added to our list of feature updates! No need to click through to the service itself to see the picture because we now display images from Twitter mentions in the Inbox.

3. Built-In Chat Redesign

A lot of our users in Engagor use the built-in chat function to talk to their colleagues and discuss customer issues on the fly. The Engagor chat just had a serious makeover! All functionalities are the same, however, the new design is really eye-catching.

4. Automatically Hide/Block/Delete Mention From Social Network

A lot of users greatly benefit from automations to automatically trigger various actions in the inbox to help declutter it. There’s now a new option in ‘Automation’ to remove mentions from a social network. So, how do you use this? Automatically hiding, blocking, or deleting comes in very handy when you, for example, want to hide spam, delete racist comments, etc. Because the mentions stay in Engagor, you will still be able to check them and use the statistics.

Note: Deleting mentions is only appropriate in certain cases. Deleting or hiding negative comments is usually a social media no-no!

Here are the actions you can perform on posts (only for authorized connections) on a social network:

  • Delete a post from a social network
  • Hide a post from a social network
  • Block the mention’s author from a social network
Here’s an overview of each social network and the actions you can perform:
Important Note: You will be able to hide/block/delete mentions from the original service meaning that the action only applies to the platform itself (e.g. deleting a comment from your Facebook page) but will remain in Engagor. The action is permanent and cannot be reversed. For more detailed information, this support article is your go-to!

5. Limit User Access by Adding ‘IP Address’

In Engagor’s advanced Account Preferences (click the cog wheel on the right, select ‘Account Preferences’, and select ‘Advanced’ at the bottom), you can now also add an IP address to limit users’ access to Engagor. This will limit users to only being able to access Engagor from their computer at work.

Do you have any new ideas to improve our product? Don’t hesitate to let us know, and post your new idea on Engagor Ideas! Thanks for your support!