Find Out More About Our New Engagement Performance Dashboard

By: Sofie De Beule

April 23, 2015

Today, we are excited to launch the new Engagement Performance Dashboard in the Engagor web app. Featuring enhanced analytics, the new dashboard allows you to take a real-time view on the insights that matter the most to your social media team’s performance.

The dashboard is still in preview until May 5th so you still have the time to fully acquaint yourself with the insights, while still being able to make the switch to the old dashboard if needed. After that, it will become the new homepage within the app for all users, accessible through the ‘home’ icon in the top navigation (see visual below), and replacing the current app homepage.

You can find a link to the new dashboard on your current app homepage during the preview period.

Tracking the timeliness and quality of your team’s performance is crucial to deliver the best social customer experience possible. With the new Engagement Performance Dashboard, Engagor has this covered.

The Engagement Performance Dashboard offers you a new way to get a quick, straightforward overview of the progress in handling the mentions in your mailbox, and answering crucial questions such as:

  • How many mentions were you able to reply to in less than 30 minutes?
  • How long is it taking you to resolve customer service issues?
  • How are you keeping up with your incoming social media messages?

This is particularly useful to capture the current “right now” state of your brand’s social media presence at a glance: a real-time view not just of the volume of incoming mentions, but also of how efficiently team members are handling them.

Discover our new, key features of our Engagement Performance Dashboard:

1. Average Response Time

Customers demand quick and easy replies. These days, customers demand replies in less than 30 minutes. For any kind of mailbox, you will be able to see the average response time at a glance. In general, you get an overview of the average response time with the amount of replies that were sent out. The replies are split up in time frames based on the reply time. If you click on each time frame, you will get a pop-up with mentions to which the replies were sent.

2. Overview of Mention Age

Are there still mentions in my inbox that need a reply? How long have they been in your inbox without resolving? To help you grasp how many unresolved mentions you have under the hour, under 8 hours, or older, we’ve also added a visual overview of all the mentions that are still in your inbox. There are three main categories that tell you whether mentions are still in your inbox. All the categories are then also sub-divided in smaller timeframes. The darker the color, the more mentions for that timeframe.

3. Actions Per Engagor User

Which social media team member has the fastest response time? How many messages did that person reply to? Actions per Engagor User instantly tells you which users performed the most actions on the mentions from the topics included in the mailbox you selected. For each individual social media team member or user, we also show you to the amount of Replies, Assigns, Resolves, etc.

4. Currently Active Users

Do you want to have a quick chat with a social media team member? With the new Engagement Performance Dashboard, you know which social media team member is online to start a quick conversation through Engagor’s built-in chat feature.

For a more in-depth look in the Engagement Performance Dashboard, don’t hesitate to check our dedicated support article.