Flemish local elections: how are the political parties doing online?

By: Lien Brusselmans

September 20, 2012

With about three weeks to go (the Flemish local elections take place on October 14th), Flemish parties and politicians are doing their very best to reach out to the people. In the past many politicians went from door to door to convince others about their ideas, a rather time-consuming activity. Today social media offers political parties a much easier alternative to get their message across. With Engagor we’re monitoring the 8 biggest parties and we’d like to share some interesting findings with you about the parties’ social media activity last week.

N-VA in the lead with 4507 mentions

In total, N-VA has triggered most online conversation last week. Sp.a and Open VLD complete the top three. Surprisingly Groen beats CD&V with regard to number of mentions, despite the latter being a much bigger party.

Top Facebook Post confirms Groen’s social media efforts

It seems that Groen understands very well how to engage with their Facebook fans: images. They share a lot of visual content and people clearly like it. This is reflected in the conversation they bring about, the likes they receive and the pace at which their fan base grows.

Based on all Facebook activity around the different parties, Engagor can tell us which Facebook post had most success last week. One image Groen shared, was received very well by their fan base and won the first place in our Top Facebook Posts ranking.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates on the Flemish local elections’ social media activity!