Forrester Discusses the Road Ahead for Social Media in 2015

By: Sofie De Beule

December 9, 2014

At the end of the year, it’s not only good to reflect on the past year, but also to look towards the future as well. That’s why Forrester recently released its social media predictions for 2015: the year that ‘Social Media Grows Up’.

According to Forrester, the social media landscape of 2015 will be marked with evolutions instead of revolutions, and marketers will exploit the benefits of establishing a good social media presence. Here’s what 2015 has in store:

1. Spend Your Money Wisely, Social Marketers

According to Forrester, marketing decision makers will invest in the wrong efforts (primarily in ads) with $9.7 billion to be invested in social channels of which $8.3 billion will go to social ads. So, why not focus on engaging with your customers instead?

2. Privacy Issues Won’t Make People Love Social Networks Any Less

Although there’s been a lot in the news about privacy issues (e.g. Snapchat’s social data breach), users are far from turning their backs and are actually less concerned about their privacy than you might think. It’s clear that what’s at the core of social networks, connecting people to those they care about, outweighs anything else.

3. Be Prepared: People Want to Interact With Your Brand

It’s incredibly remarkable how many people actively use social media to connect with brands. In the past two years, users like brands 50% more on Facebook, 119% more on Twitter, and 157% more on Pinterest. According to Forrester, in 2015, they will be even more willing to connect. People really want to hear from brands and will especially turn to brands to interact with them if they provide valuable product updates, how-to’s, and deliver great customer service.

4. Stricter Social Media Regulations Will Boost Social Media Usage

In 2015, tighter regulations on the use of social media could encourage companies that previously resisted in the past to now fully embrace it. This evolution will have a huge impact on companies. With more brands developing confidence in using social networks to build a strong brand, we’ll see a corresponding rise in social media usage and a decline in uncertainty. One of the key industries to watch out for is the pharmaceutical industry.