Foursquare: big update, nice update!

By: Dimitri Callens

June 7, 2012

Foursquare has just released a big update of their popular location-based-service app.
If you are new to this one: with Foursquare, you can check in to the place you are visiting, so that your friends know where you are. You can also add tips to places, to inform others on later visits: ‘Great cappuccino here!’ or ‘Slow service, beware…’

Foursquare is quite popular. With a community of over 20 million users and attracting almost 1 million new users per month (and still speeding up), this is the coolest kid in location-based-services town. Every day, more and more businesses are discovering the mobile app. Foursquare already has 750.000 registered businesses, and the new update will most likely speed up this growth even more.

The reason for this? Simple. The updated version of Foursquare is centered around the ‘Explore‘ button, literally and figuratively speaking. When you open the updated app, ‘Explore’ is right there, in the middle of the menu. Tap it, and you immediately see those places that are offering Foursquare specials. You can easily adjust to search for ‘food, nightlife, sights, shopping etc.’ in your immediate vicinity or any location you fancy. Very useful for finding a sandwich bar when you are starving after a meeting that took a bit longer than expected.

Users have already been discovering this handy feature, but now Foursquare itself is
also pushing it. Businesses are now pictured with a photo taken on the spot, and you can easily like them by pressing the heart icon. As Foursquare is the first really popular location-based-service, businesses will definitely benefit by presenting itself nicely, as to attract more people. No worries, through Engagor you can also keep track of your Foursquare activity: check-ins, users, tips, photos…

To all the businesses out there: don’t miss the Foursquareboat!