Getting the Most out of your Topic Configuration

By: Jurriaan Persyn

December 19, 2011

At the heart of every Engagor account is its topic definition. A topic is a set of keywords and social accounts that you want to monitor and/or engage with.

Engagor allows you to define advanced boolean keyword searches; we support queries with nested AND, OR and NOT statements, and allow you to filter on language and location. (Engagor has support for 31 languages, with on-the-fly translations, word clustering and sentiment analysis.)
This query is sent to our crawler that constantly searches the social web to find mentions on blogs, news sites, forums and social networks.

Apart from keyword searches you can also couple specific sources to your Engagor topics. This includes a.o. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn groups, custom sources (via RSS) and, more recently Foursquare venues.

A good set-up of a topic is vital to get good results out of Engagor, so we constantly need to focus on making a powerful, but easy, interface for this.
In the last days we’ve focused on streamlining the process of adding social accounts. We’ve made it easier to couple both your own social network accounts as well as to search for and add public accounts by competitors or people in your industry you’d like to start monitoring, giving you suggestions along the way.

In your Engagor settings, when creating or editing a keyword query for a topic you will now find a simple query builder that still fits 90% of our current use cases, to easily define the different terms you’d like to search for.

More advanced usage has been improved by helping with checking the quality of the query, to quickly identify errors in queries.

Once you’re happy with the topic set-up, it’s all up to us to monitor the internet and give you detailed statistics and tools to engage with the social web.

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