Good CX Shouldn’t be a Surprise

By: Daniel Martins, Head of Digital Marketing

May 26, 2017

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Remember the first time you heard the server at Chick-fil-a say, “My pleasure”, or the time you got a freebie in the mail just because a company wanted to show you a bit of appreciation? Think about how great that felt. Creating special, unexpected moments for consumers through gifts or experiences is a lost art for most businesses, mostly because they don’t know where to start. In an era where it’s the norm for customers to share experiences online, the “Surprise and Delight” strategy has proven to bring people and brands together. If you even want to consider going toe-to-toe with the likes of TD Bank or Budweiser, you need to be able to translate what once was a set of plain data into pure joy.

Surprise and delight campaigns don’t need to be incredibly expensive and planned months in advance like the ones mentioned. A few small changes can be made at every touchpoint to provide a personalized experience sure to leave customers smiling:

Elevated Language

Let’s go back to the Chick-Fil-A scenario. The subtle difference between “No problem” and “My pleasure” caught most people off guard the first time. Since being short with customers is the norm at fast-food places, it didn’t cost more than a couple of words to elevate brand perception. Instead of “No”, employees should try “I’m unable to do that” and for “Yes” try “I’d love to help you get that done!” This doesn’t stop in person- customers still expect polite, human language online as well.

Social Engagement

Speaking of elevated language, how you connect with customers on public platforms can make or break your brand. Millennials are five times more likely to rely on social media interactions when researching a brand, according to a recent Salesforce report. Understand what resonates with consumers and use that as a guide to provide delightful experiences across every touchpoint. Brands with the highest levels of engagement have one clear voice, and have the tools to quickly prioritize and shift interactions based on context.

The Follow Up

Empower employees to connect with customers in unique ways. My colleague told me the story of a quick interaction she had with a customer care rep at a local bank. She had been thinking about buying a house and during the conversation with the representative, she said something to the effect of “I can do this, I just need to stay motivated.” A couple of days later, she received a throw pillow in the mail with the words Home Sweet Home on the front. With the pillow, there was a card signed by the customer care rep, wishing her the best of luck on her journey to a new home! Extremely happy with the exchange, she shared her experience with her combined 10K followers across social media. Who do you think she’ll call first when she’s ready to buy? Employee empowerment means equipping them with the tools to identify a person’s interests to provide sentimental experiences after the call is done.

Consumer Insights + Unpredictability = Surprise and Delight