Google Just Wants to Have Fun: Their New ‘Auto Awesome’ Feature

By: Jozefien Verhaeghe

May 16, 2013

auto awesome
san fransisco

Imagine this: Thursday morning (Thursdays are the new Mondays), rainy weather (yes, spring/summer only lasts about 7 days in Belgium) and no more cold Engagor Energy drinks in our fridge. As you can image, this Engagor Ninja wasn’t feeling like doing side kicks this morning.



All that changed when I entered the office. Some of my Engagor homies were talking about the ‘Auto Awesome’-feature. At first I thought it was just another Engagor feature. But then I thought, our features are awesome by default (Duh! Have you seen the Photo Uploads Feature we just released?), so there’s no need to point that out again. But apparently they were talking about the new Google feature.

Introducing: Auto Awesome

Google is currently hosting their annual developers conference in San Francisco: Google I/O 2013 (In case you don’t speak geek, ‘I/O’ stands for Input/Output. Just Saying). Yesterday evening they announced a new photo feature called ‘Auto Awesome’.

Google Auto Awesome

Basically, Auto Awesome is a tool to make photos more fun (Uuuhm, yes, because creating photos was a totally horrifying experience before). There are several features included:

  • HDR: High Dynamic Range. Google takes multiple exposures of the same image and then merges them. This way your photos have a broader range of shadow and light.
  • Smile: We all know that moment when you take group pictures and each person in the group looks best in a different photo. Result: you can’t decide which one you should upload. Google to the rescue! ‘Smile’ chooses the best pictures of each person, and merges them into one photo. Go ahead girls, a ‘YAY’ is totally appropriate here.
  • Pano: When you have a series of photos with overlapping landscape views, Auto Awesome stitches them together into one panoramic image.
  • Mix: This Booth is Made for Snapping, and that’s just what it’ll do. The Sixties are back! When you take several photos with the same background, Google combines them into a Photobooth style grid.

And finally, there’s one extra feature that made all the Engagor colleagues very happy: MOTION. You might not know this, but everyone here is a totally into GIFS. Basically, Google will combine certain different photos into a moving photos. So from now of on, you can easily create your own GIFS!