Happy CX Day!

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By: Clarabridge Team

October 2, 2018

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CXPA’s 6th Annual Worldwide CX Day presents a fantastic opportunity for Clarabridge to celebrate the increasing significance of customer experience for businesses across the globe. Highlighting the efforts of customer experience professionals who continuously strive to raise the bar for achievement and innovation in the CX field, this day marks an opportunity for Clarabridge to reflect upon our company’s role in the space. Sid Banerjee, Founder and Vice Chairman, and Lorraine Schumacher, Executive CX Advisor and CEM Evangelist at Clarabridge agreed to share their thoughts on what customer experience means to them and the progress that Clarabridge has made operating in this area.

What does CX Day mean to you?

Lorraine: As a board member of CXPA, a certified CCXP and a Clarabridge CX Evangelist, I know that today is a day worthy of celebration. Seeing my personal passion for customer experience reflected by Clarabridge’s core values and commitment to both our customers AND our customers’ customers is truly inspiring. Some may view Clarabridge as text analytics vendor, but you’ll hear from Sid about how the strategic commitment to CX that we have had from the very beginning continues to set us apart from companies that are newer to the discipline.

Sid: As Lorraine noted, Clarabridge has spent over 10 years building a high scalability, high accuracy, high value analytical platform that extracts insights from text and sentiment analytics. Very early on, we recognized core principles that caused us to singularly focus on applying our platform and business to the cause of customer experience promotion. On CX Day, we commemorate this history and the culmination of progress working toward enabling the delivery of superior customer experiences across industries.

What have you learned from working as a CX professional?

Sid: Over the years, we’ve learned three important lessons:

The first is that in order to understand the customer experience, a company must truly understand the voice of the customer. The ability to incorporate data-driven insights into corporate strategy remains an essential component of providing the best customer experience possible.

A second lesson is that that the voice of the customer is everywhere and focusing on just one source of data is not good enough anymore. Businesses may look to surveys, social media or CRM to gain insight into the customer experience, but the range of channels that today’s consumers use to communicate with brands means that failure to consider each and every data source will result in an incomplete understanding of the customer perspective. The amount of customer feedback and interaction data that exists today across emails, calls, chats, survey responses and social media posts is unbelievable, yet many businesses fail to leverage all available information to actively inform customer experience improvements.

Lastly, in order to understand the experiences of customers, you need to obtain a high fidelity understanding of the issues, emotions, cries for help, complaints and stated intents that customers express. To reach this understanding, a company needs best-in-class, AI-powered text analytics. The ability to listen everywhere, analyze everything and engage everyone inside and outside an enterprise is essential. At Clarabridge, we’ve built a business, product and culture that works to ensure this comprehensive understanding and all of their wants, needs, frustrations, passions, values and loyalties so that companies can create authentic, lasting relationships with their customers.

How are you celebrating CX day this year?

Lorraine: CXPA members are celebrating around the world and embracing the opportunity to reflect on their work promoting the customer experience. I will be attending the local CX Day event in SoCal, and many of my colleagues will attend other local CXPA events in their respective locations. As part of the week’s festivities, we are hosting two webinars featuring Bruce Temkin, the “Godfather of CX.” Congratulations to everyone who focuses on the customer experience every day and keep up the good work!