He Says Customer Experience is a Way of Life, Not a Slogan

By: Elizabeth Clor

April 24, 2015

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“Controlling how customers feel in your process seems like an effort in futility and hard to assign value to at a corporate level. So instead of addressing emotions, customer feelings are ignored with the hopes that an efficient and effective process will be good enough.”

These wise words from customer experience guru Colin Shaw paint a picture of the challenge that increasingly more businesses are recognizing: How do you understand customer emotion, and use it to predict customer behavior?

“When it comes to the emotional journey during this new and improved process, most organizations cross their fingers and hope for the best,” continues Shaw.

Shaw, Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy, has written five best-selling books on the subject of customer experience. Under his leadership, Beyond Philosophy has helped many of the world’s most prestigious organizations improve their customer experience including American Express, FedEx, IBM and Caterpillar.

He’s giving a keynote address at Clarabridge’s C3 conference in June on the topic of predictive analytics. He’ll discuss how sentiment analysis is driving truly customer-focused organizations and he’ll delve into what causes customers to feel the way they do. Empowered with these insights, Shaw will present how successful CEM programs predict customer behavior and proactively work to improve outcomes.

Shaw says that psychology cannot be ignored when understanding the customer journey: “A customer experience is an interaction between and organization and a customer as perceived through a customer’s conscious and subconscious mind. You need to understand experience psychology. As with anything else, you need to understand what you are doing to make a difference.”

Colin Shaw is on the judging panel for the Customer Experience Champion (CXC) awards. The CXC awards recognize organizations and individuals who are transforming their business with customer experience management strategies. Award winners will be announced at C3 in five different categories.

Don’t miss Colin Shaw at C3 in Miami, June 22-24.