Here’s How Telenet Rocks at Visual Social Media Reporting

By: Sofie De Beule

April 7, 2014

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One of our customers, Telenet, Belgium’s leading provider of cable broadband services, launched the “Social Media @Telenet” report on its Snap platform: an interactive, picture-storytelling report that magnificently visualizes Telenet’s customer-centric social media efforts in 2013.

In this report, customers get insightful answers to many questions: “How many fans do we have? What are our most talked about topics? Which campaigns captured our audience’s attention the most? But most of all, people get a clear idea of how Telenet strives for relevance, especially in a telecom industry that relies heavily on social customer care. With the right insights and data to fall back on, you can easily empower your social media team.

Telenet’s report clearly indicates the crucial elements of a social media strategy to establish a far-reaching social media presence.

What are some of the key elements in Telenet’s social strategy?

  • Real-Time Customer Engagement & Team Performance

Dealing with around 747 mentions daily, Telenet’s well-trained social media team of social agents continuously have their work cut out for them to give every customer the same quality customer engagement. However, Telenet was able to respond 4 times faster than in 2012.

With that said, kudos to Telenet who were able to magnificently visualize their 2013 social media success story! But, Telenet doesn’t only talk about its successes. It also takes time to talk about its flaws and marks February 3rd in 2013 as a “dark day” full of crises. Luckily, they were able to overcome these issues with their distinct social customer service strategy. We can only approve of a company’s transparency policy.

Take a look at the Telenet Case Study if you want to know how Engagor is part of their social strategy.