Highlights of the Olympics on Social Media

By: Lien Brusselmans

August 17, 2012

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Olympics: mentioned 44 million times in 2 weeks!

Four years (probably even more) of preparation for two weeks of showtime. Still, London didn’t make a bad decision investing all that time and energy in the Olympics since the whole world would be watching and talking about it. During those 2 weeks, London 2012 was mentioned online (on Social Media, in newspapers, blogs, etc.) 44.2 million times! That’s about 32 mentions every second. Logical explanation of course: the Olympics are a major international event, gathering 204 countries that delegated a total of 10.000 athletes this year. 26 sports, representing 39 disciplines, 30 world records broken. Indeed, the audience had a lot to talk about and so they did: all over the world.

Many highlights spotted with Engagor Social Media Analytics

Logically the amount of buzz wasn’t the same every day. There were major peaks at the beginning and end of the Olympics, as well as some smaller peaks during the Games. No need to tell you that 96% of the conversations took place on Social Media (as opposed to blogs, news sites, forums, etc.), and then particularly on Twitter.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of London 2012, based on what the Engagor Social Media Analytics tell us.

First ‘real’ Olympic day beats Opening Ceremony

The first peak, maybe somewhat surprisingly, doesn’t correspond to the Opening Ceremony, but to the first ‘real’ day of the Games: Saturday July 28th. On that day over 4.3 million mentions (4.1 million of which were tweets) considered the Olympic Games.

Closing Ceremony generates biggest buzz

Buckle up, because Saturday 28th of July wasn’t the busiest online day yet. The Closing Ceremony moved the online world even more, generating 4.7 million mentions in one day! Blowing your mind away some more: around 11pm London time, the Spice Girls took the stage and as a result: about 233 tweets every second!

Most popular funny tweet

Scanning the top tweets, shows that the most popular tweets were jokes. Here’s a good idea British comedian Frankie Boyle shared to find the ultimate Olympian, retweeted no less than 37,511 times:

Top videos and top photos

The most shared video regarding the Olympics is the lipdub the USA Swimming Team made on the tones of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. If you’re in for a feel-good moment and don’t mind stay-in-your-head pop songs, tune in 🙂

Tom Daley, British diving sensation, not only scored a bronze medal at the Olympics. He can also pride himself on sharing the most shared Olympic photo with the world.

Many highlights, many chatter, many shared impressions and ideas: the Olympics were huge on Social Media. Or what else did you expect from an event nicknamed the Socialympics.