How can brands use Pinterest?

By: Lien Brusselmans

April 3, 2012

My first impression when exploring Pinterest: “Cool! Women’s magazines combined into one single platform!” So I started following some pinners about (I plead guilty) rather feminine subjects: clothing, beauty, crafts, photography, decoration… I have to admit: it’s quite addictive :). Nevertheless: Pinterest isn’t planning on keeping their audience this narrow. It’s not just women they want to reach: they aim at a much wider range of users and it appears that they’re succeeding!

Yet another social network? Yes and no. No need denying that this is indeed a new social platform but it clearly differs from the (most popular) existing ones. Twitter is mainly based on text. Facebook focuses on a combination of text and pictures/videos. Pinterest revolves around pictures. As a user you create several dashboards and (re)pin pictures to it. In today’s society, information overload makes a picture pinboard very attractive. Many people work with words all day long: read the newspaper, read reports, create reports, read and write emails… After all this reading, Pinterest offers a welcome distraction.

Ok, it’s fun. Ok, it’s different. But what’s the added value for brands? For some companies and organizations, creating a Pinterest account is a logical step: clothing companies, decoration brands, internet shops… Companies that don’t sell tangible things face a bigger challenge. Nevertheless, creating a Pinterest account for your brand can pay off. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It makes your brand more personal. You can pin your own products, pictures about your industry, pictures that fit your brand’s image… Windows provides us with a very good example in this case. Look at how they describe their pinboard!
  • It can raise your audience’s interest. As said before: the amount of words we process each day can be quite overwhelming. Pinterest offers a pleasant variation in this information stream.
  • Last but not least: you learn to be more creative. Faced with the challenge of using this new platform, you think about ways of visually attracting your audience. I really love the way The Wall Street Journal organises their pinboards. They call it: ‘a visual read of the Journal’. A short selection of pinboards they’re sharing: WSJ Front Pages, WSJ. The Magazine, WSJ Adventure and Travel, WSJ Real Estate… One board I find very fascinating is ‘Quotes‘, onto which editors pin memorable quotes. If you’re curious about the entire article, one click on the pin guides you to it.

For us this platform is new as well. We warmly invite you take those first steps with us 🙂 And if you need an actual invite (since for now Pinterest is on invite only), just let us know!