How Coca-Cola And Uber Capitalize On A Holiday Charity Social Media Campaign

By: Sofie De Beule

December 17, 2014

This holiday season, we are noticing a trend with brands that focus on giving back, following WestJet’s Christmas stunt. WestJet surprised its travelers with the gift they really wanted at the bagage pickup. This season we discovered several holiday-themed social media campaigns that focus more on donating to charities and giving to the people who live in less convenient circumstances.

Here are some great examples of brands that have capitalized on a holiday-themed social media campaign where the focus has shifted from giving presents to giving back.

Coca-Cola’s Santa Asks Community to #MakeSomeoneHappy With Special Wishlist

With ‘Presence over Presents‘, Coca-Cola sets the tone for a reimagined Christmas-themed campaign. Coca-Cola invites people to “Make Someone Happy” in a small, yet meaningful way. According to Andrew McMillin, VP of the Coca-Cola TradeMark and Coca-Cola North America, the campaign focuses on sharing time, attention, love and laughter with friends, family and even strangers and fully embrace the spirit of this time of the year.

The campaign isn’t just featured on traditional communication channels, Coca-Cola was smart enough to also translate the holiday spirit to social media. They invite their community to #MakeSomeoneHappy and engage in small acts of kindness, like tweeting about a good cause to drive awareness. To make sure the campaign really has an impact on people, Coca-Cola also created a separate website where people can agree to Santa’s wishes to give back. Every week, the company ads wishes (with rewards in return) to keep the conversation about these good causes going.

In ‘Give Troops a Brighter Holiday’, one of Coca-Cola’s challenges, they commit to donating $1 every time people share a tweet. They ended up donating up to $75,000 to support the US troops.

Uber Community Donates #5MillionMeals to No Kid Hungry Through App

On December 9th, Uber kicked off their first national giving campaign with No Kid Hungry to end child hunger in America. Within the Uber app, the Uber community was encouraged to participate by making a $5 direct donation within the Uber app. The goal? Provide #3MillionMeals, through donation, for children in need. In just 4 days, the campaign exceeded all expectations, bringing in more than #5MillionMeals.

“The holidays mark a time to reflect, give thanks, and give back. In the spirit of the season, we are thrilled to announce our first national giving campaign, in partnership with No Kid Hungry, to help eliminate child hunger in America.”

The reason behind this success? We personally believe that Uber took its platform to another level and was able to drive full awareness to the matter through their own app. They leveraged the power of a simple, yet compelling hashtag (#3MillionMeals) to boost engagement and achieve immediate success. Through the power of local, “pop-up” events, like UberLUNCH en UberChef, Uber was able to take the campaign’s strength offline, giving people another way to serve the cause.

Coca-Cola and Uber weren’t the only brands who focused on giving back instead of actual gift-giving. Both MasterCard and Duracell tapped into real emotions and the true Christmas spirit by encouraging their customers to donate to charity.

Other great holiday-themed campaigns worth sharing:

Happy Holidays!