How do you determine CX success?

By: Kate Zimmerman

July 26, 2016

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Starting a customer experience management program is an overwhelming feat in and of itself—just getting one off the ground shouldn’t be scoffed at.

But what happens when you’ve been running a CX program for a while and start to see some progress? How do you determine that you’ve achieved CX success, and what comes after?

CX is a tricky business because there will always be room to do better. But, to avoid spending your career in a rat race, each achievement should be taken one step at a time. Celebrate the good and use the bad as the launching ground for your next hurdle.

One of the most common ways to measure and determine CX success is through NPS. Higher NPS should indicate happy customers and the potential for growth. However, looking at NPS alone isn’t enough.

According to Forrester, CX success should come from more tangible numbers. Look at subscriber rates, usage, and most importantly revenue to determine how well you are doing.

A successful CX program should increase revenue across the board, but it tends to influence different industries differently. Industries with high levels of competition and which give customers the ability to easily switch brands stand to benefit the most from CX success.

Organizations in these industries have the ability to differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering a great customer experience. For example, Amazon Prime is so dominant because it makes it seamless for customers to order, received, and then return items, all within the span of days, with no questions asked. Their customer service department is world renowned for going above and beyond to keep their customers happy. This differentiation identifies Amazon as a CX leader with 25% higher revenue growth rates than CX laggards.

Want to learn more about which industries and CX leaders are seeing revenue growth from CX success? Check out this Forrester report, Customer Experience Drives Revenue Growth, 2016 to learn more.


Kate Zimmerman is a Content Marketing Specialist at Clarabridge. Kate focuses on building content that supports CX efforts, product marketing, analyst relations, and has become an industry expert in Customer Experience Management. Kate holds a B.A in Politics from the University of Virginia and can be found on Twitter at @kmzimm.