How Great CX Happens  

By: The Clarabridge Team

September 15, 2017

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How do amazing, seamless customer experiences happen? Well, they don’t happen by accident. They’re a result of intricately orchestrated micro and macro interactions. They’re also a result of CX advocates working with every department to make sure there is consistent alignment between what customers are expecting, and what they’re getting. Combining social media analytics with other customer experience resources allows you to see in real-time how customer sentiment directly, or indirectly affects other aspects of your organization.

What sets great CX professionals apart from the rest is the ability to use and understand insights needed to drive decisions. Not only should they have an understanding of insights, they should be able to collect those details and synthesize those findings to specific departments so that they can take action. Usually, companies rely on CX professionals to focus on the front-end customer experience and make strategic improvements to those. However, CX should be everyone’s job.  CX shouldn’t just be limited to social media analytics, and how often you’re engaging with followers on social media. It’s going deeper than that and listening to uncover opportunities for improvement and growth. While you can offer social customer service to followers when they reach out via social, discovering the root-cause of their issues will help to proactively initiate change, regardless of “whose job it is”. For instance, if you’re noticing a trend in customers complaining about shipping times on twitter, then perhaps it’s time bring that up with operations to either look into other shipping options or be upfront about estimated shipping times on the website during check out.

Having insights to back up your decisions can help you to foster a culture of accountability and enthusiasm for CX. It empowers employees to make the right calls based on the data they have available in front of them. Furthermore, insights help you keep track of how decisions have affected other aspects of the business, allowing you to close the loop. In Voice of the Customer (VoC), a closed-loop ecosystem is usually overlooked mostly because most businesses don’t know where to start. That’s where Jacqueline Potts, Product Manager at Convergys comes in. Join her on September 21st, she will host her webinar, Deploying a Closed-Loop Ecosystem: The Missing Link for VoC, where she’ll walk you through how you can use insights to create a customer-centric culture, empower frontline employees, mitigate the risk of churn and correct systematic challenges. Register now for this must-see discussion. Can’t attend? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recording!