How Grocery Store Retailers can Grow their Share of Wallet

By: Clarabridge Team

January 2, 2015

customer experience
customer experience managment

According to a recent study, 52% of consumers return to a grocery store based on a positive in-store experience.

Grocery retailers need to understand what their customers want and deliver on these needs in order to remain competitive. Transactional, loyalty and point-of-sale data show what items are purchased, but they don’t explain what shoppers like, don’t like or how they feel. Customer feedback data provides the extra level of insight needed for grocery retailers to make more informed business decisions that help deliver a personalized brand experience. For example:

Operational efficiency improvements: Are you aware of the areas of your store that could be delivering an unsatisfactory experience? Are people complaining because you don’t have enough of a certain type of bread on the shelves? Do you need to have your suppliers deliver bread on Monday because your footfall for bread is highest on Tuesday evenings? By keeping track of trends at the departmental and regional level, grocers can ensure higher efficiency in supply chain management and reduce product waste.

Marketing and brand resonance: Why are certain promotions and coupons more popular with shoppers than others? Do shoppers in certain geographies expect their grocers to promote recycling or sustainable fishing policies? By understanding what the local community values, stores will be able to cater to their preferences, increasing sales and winning loyalty.

Legal risk mitigation: Has anyone mentioned taking legal action, or talked about finding mislabelled products or expired produce?  Proactively stay abreast of trends or emerging issues in order to mitigate legal risk. Ensure sensitive or urgent customer comments are quickly routed to specialized customer care agents or legal team members.

Grocery stores need to have a complete understanding of their customers in order to deliver a personalized and relevant shopping experience. For a deeper dive into how grocery store retailers can use feedback data to give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace, download our latest cheat sheet, 6 Ways Grocery Store Retailers Should Use Customer Experience Data.