How Instagram Direct Will Improve Your Social Media Customer Service

By: Sofie De Beule

December 16, 2013

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Last week’s big announcement in the social media landscape came from Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom. At a press event in New York, Systrom unveiled ‘Instagram Direct‘: a new feature in Instagram that allows you to send images and 15-second videos to up to 15 of your friends at a time.

Nowadays, photo sharing is a big part of everyday communication. The need for private photo conversations, along with the success of Snapchat, proves how mainstream this consumer behavior is these days. Some photos obviously aren’t relevant to everyone, and the introduction of Instagram Direct demonstrates that.

In comparison to Snapchat, the pictures or video messages won’t disappear within a few seconds. The new Instagram Direct tool also adds an inbox to your photo app, which makes all of your incoming messages easy to access. As Instagram pointed out, submitting private entries for a photo contest (with or without a dedicated hashtag) are possible.

How to use Instagram Direct for social media customer service

Although we clearly see the personal benefits of this new addition to the highly popular photo sharing app, we believe Instagram Direct is an ideal tool for social media customer service as well. As people reach out to social media to deal with product issues, sending a picture or a video of the issue is an easy way to instantly communicate it to a company through their social channels.

In case of an issue (mostly in the case of a physical product), a customer can directly send a photo or video of the problem to the company’s Instagram profile. As the conversation unfolds, customer service agents can instantly jump in, monitor all recipients commenting, and fix the problem as quickly as possible.