How JUST EAT UK Delivers on A Consistent Social Tone of Voice

Engagor Logo with Just Eat Logo

By: Sofie De Beule

October 28, 2015

JUST EAT, the world’s leading online and mobile takeaway ordering service, operates in 15 countries worldwide (e.g. UK, Spain, France, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) with over 11 million active users. Starting off from a Danish basement in 2001, the company has taken over the world. In 2014 they were listed on the London Stock Exchange, which valued JUST EAT at £1.47 billion

One of the key factors of JUST EAT’s success is their distinct tone of voice. We chatted with Anthony Leung, a passionate creative marketer and Social Media Manager at JUST EAT UK to learn about their recipe for success. Anthony will also be speaking at C3 Europe in London in just a week, on October 28.

Sofie: What’s been the biggest challenge in terms of social media engagement you’ve encountered? What has helped you to overcome this?

Anthony: At first, like any brand, the big challenge was to really get to know the brand and its communities first before you really hit your stride and continuously produce great engaging content. Luckily for us, we have a very strong Brand team that knows the brand values and communicates them well. That’s really helped us translate those values and identify when and how to communicate on social media.

The other big challenge was to bring the social media customer care and marketing teams together to create a consistent experience and tone of voice throughout social media. Our teams now work very closely together, and meet regularly with each other to share ideas and information so that both sides feel empowered to do a great job.

Sofie: What are your priorities in terms of social media?

Anthony: Engagement is key. When you start producing content that drives home the brand’s values and people are connecting with it, you’ll see your reach and communities grow. Your communities will be that much richer as well, filled with like-minded people who are ready to engage with your content.

Sofie: How do you make your company stand out on social media?

Anthony: Our tone of voice is key in our social media efforts. We try to stay relevant and cheeky, participating in trending topics with our own unique take on them.

Sofie: What will attendees learn from your presentation at C3?

Anthony: Hopefully they’ll feel inspired to develop their brand’s tone of voice into one that is confident and unique. I will also be sharing how we use data that we pull via Engagor to keep on track with engaging the right audience in the right way.