How Orbitz Became the #1 Travel Site with the Voice of the Customer: Webinar Recap

By: Clarabridge Team

December 11, 2014

By: Keri Cook, Director of Global Events

2014 has been a hallmark year for Orbitz and their customer experience team. In April, they were ranked #1 in Online Travel Website and Customer Satisfaction and #1 Travel Rewards Program in the 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index. More recently, Orbitz earned two Platinum awards at the Loyalty360 Customer Engagement and Experience Expo in the Best Customer Insights in Customer Experience and the Technology and Trends categories. The Platinum award is the highest honor given in each category.

Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to host Stacey Symonds, Senior Director of Consumer Insights at Orbitz, for a webinar on customer experience management. Stacey last joined us earlier this June, and it was great to have her back to discuss her team’s experience with building Orbitz’s successful Voice of the Customer program.

Here were some of the key insights from our conversation with Stacey:

Customer experience is not just about data collection.

Rather, customer experience is also about top-down support, data access, sharing and collaboration, and analytic tools. Orbitz pursued a wide range of approaches to expand their customer insights program. This included incorporating survey data and both online and offline metrics, as well as adopting Clarabridge to make sense of the vast amount of comments from customers in a data-driven way.

Customer insights can inform the full lifecycle of a new product, program, or service.

Stacey shared about the launch of the Orbitz Rewards program and how it incorporated customer insights in every phase of both its design and roll out. This included everything from pilot testing the program during the design phase to testing and economic modeling during the roll out, which provided feedback for program adjustments and future development. Using customer insights has led to a successful program that has reached over 3 million customers.

By listening to the Voice of the Customer, you give them a seat in the boardroom.

Susan Ganeshan, Chief Marketing Officer at Clarabridge, wrapped up the discussion by sharing about the role of customer experience in innovation. After sharing about how leading innovators such as Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos prioritized their customers, she shared that by listening to the Voice of the Customer for action-based insights, companies can give their customers a seat in the boardroom.

Orbitz Clarabridge webinar thumbnail
Orbitz webinar with Clarabridge.


To hear more of what Stacey and Susan had to share, watch the full stream of our webinar.