How to Ace One-on-One, Social Conversations With Your Customers

By: Sofie De Beule

October 16, 2014

No matter where they are, customers want to talk to you. But how can you tweak and optimize engagement?

Brands need to interact with their customers and engage in personal conversations to build a unified brand across all platforms, boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. But, how exactly do you ace these conversations in order to be relevant?

Here are 3 small, yet effective tips to ace one-on-one conversations with your customers.

Address Your Audience With Their Name

Never underestimate the power of small tweaks to your engagement strategy. If possible, and indicated on your customer’s profile, use their name to customize the experience, and address them personally.

“Hi Sofie! How can I help you?”

Don’t forget to save valuable information (their address, phone number, etc.) in your built-in CRM system within your social media tool to customize the conversations in the future. Add custom fields if you want to save information that is only relevant to your business.

Let the World Know Who is Tweeting

Customers like to see a company’s human face and talk to someone in person.

Some companies decide to include the initials of the person tweeting at the end of each tweet. Moreover, brands even include the Twitter handle of the person tweeting in their Twitter bio. Obviously, this isn’t possible if multiple people are running the accounts. In Engagor’s personal settings, you can easily change these preferences in the publisher postfix. These small tweaks can make your company a little more human and interactions more personal.

Get a Clear Sense of Their Frustrations

In most cases, customers simply want their voice to be heard and to find a solution to their problems. Even in cases where customers become belligerent, don’t ignore their complaints. Instead, try to ask as many questions as possible to get a clear sense of their frustration. Click through to their profiles to browse through previous conversations you had with your customers, and understand the context. Without context, conversations are meaningless.

Context truly helps personalize your conversations and ace one-on-one relationships with your customers. Communicate as a human being rather than having a series of meaningless conversations. When you begin conversations, constantly remind your social media team to be human, stay relevant, and provide context to a situation.

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