How to Actually Close the Loop with Your Customers

October 13, 2017

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Closing the Loop, or just checking the box – Are you truly engaging your customers?

We’ve all learned how important customer satisfaction is. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. In fact, Bain found engaging with customers can result in 40% more revenue per person.  Engaging with customers  – or closing the loop –  is a critical component to building strong customer satisfaction and driving up customer satisfaction metrics and NPS scores. Prompt responses communicate the message that your firm really does care about that customer.

But, as your organization “engages” customers, ask yourself, are you truly closing the loop and engaging your customers, or are you just checking a box?

As you answer, consider how the digital world has dramatically changed the way customers interact with companies. Traditionally, companies gather feedback using surveys or focus groups.  Now, customers are more likely to share what they think via social media or review sites than they are to reply to your survey .  If your efforts revolve around responding to low survey scores…..are you really engaging? Or did you just check that box?

To have true customer engagement, you have to be listening in the channel customers want to use.  Companies need to centralize feedback from survey and email, and integrate it with intel from social, review sites and other sources. By listening across channels, you can engage when and where your customers prefer, as opposed to when you send a survey (that they probably don’t feel like answering).

To help our clients respond to this cross-channel customer feedback fast, we have built our case management solution, designed to respond to customer issues in a simplified, trackable manner.  Leveraging advancements in intelligent data analytics, including Natural Langue Processing (NLP)  and Machine Learning we turn customers’ raw feedback into manageable cases.   Categorization models allow companies to automatically tag and organize customer feedback, triggering cases and routing it to experts best equipped to resolve the issue.

For example, maybe you want to route tweets or emails where a customer threatens to switch to a competitor to a customer service representative authorized to offer an incentive to stay. Clarabridge automatically analyzes text in incoming feedback on multiple channels. When it detects phrases in a tweet indicating churn – or any other event you set up — an alert is issued and a case is created and routed to an agent along with contextual details for prompt action. That agent can then respond quickly right from within Case Management. Response metrics and escalation paths are then tracked so performance can be easily monitored.

Don’t just check the box with canned responses to low survey scores. Really hear and engage your customers across channels, and close the loop!  Your customers will reward you for it.


Clarabridge customers who want to see and better understand how we enable you to close the loop across channels can schedule time with our product experts during their office hours.