How to Become the Perfect Customer Experience Champion

By: Ellen Falci Loeshelle

August 10, 2017

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Forrester data shows that 72% of businesses say improving Customer Experience (CX) is their top priority. But knowing that CX is important isn’t the same thing as knowing what to do about it. In order to ensure a customer experience program has a strong foundation, companies need a customer experience champion.

What is a Customer Experience (CX) Champion?

Becoming a CX Champion means being dedicated to improving the customer experience and the voice of the customer. It includes making the experience come to life for employees and showcasing employee strengths. A CX Champion pushes the value of customer centricity across the business, tracking and sharing CX success and making sure other teams understand how and why it’s mutually beneficial to listen to the customer.

So how does a CX champion ensure they are successful at their role?

Well, after they have researched and assessed their current situation, including where and how their customers talk to them or what CX means to their company, they need to make sure their CX initiative has the backing of their C-Suite.

5 Ways a CX Champion Can Secure C-Suite Buy-In:

1. Find a supporter.
It’s not unusual for a new initiative to need an executive sponsor. Talk with your leadership team members one-on-one about the value of customer experience management. Use your research to show them the revenue and customer retention gains associated with great CX.

2. Figure out their preferences.
Along with your new ally, learn how each member of the C-Suite likes to digest information, and what kinds of data each one cares about. Create individual presentations to get their buy-in. Do they prefer charts and graphs? Narratives? Make the information easy to digest.

3. Tell them stories.
Show them what’s in it for them—show your contact center executives facts about lower call volumes. Give your CMO examples of marketing campaigns that successfully leveraged CX data. Make it personal and applicable to their jobs. Point to aspirational brands that are doing customer experience management well, and emphasize that they don’t want to be left behind.

4. Make it real.
To secure passionate supporters, you need to show tangible business value fast. Make a change based on customer experience data, and show the results (in the way your execs prefer to see them!). As they see the value of your efforts for their jobs, they’ll be eager to get more.

5. Make them heroes.
Be sure your leaders understand that supporting your CX efforts helps them look good! They can use customer feedback to reach goals, improve revenue, retain customers, and boost brand perception. Whatever problem they are trying to solve, you are there to help. Remember, no executive ever looks silly saying to a customer, “We are focused on what you want and need from us.”


Once the C-Suite understands the value of a CX initiative, it is up to the CX Champion to drive the CX program forward. To learn more about how to do this, including what a successful CX Champion looks like and how to secure budget for your CX program, read our eBook, How to Become the Perfect Customer Experience Champion.