How to Create Highly Shareable Pinterest Boards

By: Cameron Joye

January 3, 2014

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Pinterest is a visual playground where people can discover and share about topics that appeal to them the most. It’s the perfect place for brands to promote awareness about new products and services newly available to consumers. A company with an engaged and loyal following can make good use of Pinterest to connect with and inspire die-hard brand advocates.

Pinned items always contain a link back to the site from which they originated. For this reason, Pinterest is a highly effective means to drive more traffic to webpages and therefore establishing higher conversion rate than other sources.

Although Pinterest is a valuable tool for brands, the question is now, “how do I generate interest in the boards my brand creates?” As a jumping off point, here are a few recommendations on designing highly shareable boards.

Know Your Audience & Industry

Pinterest users don’t just look directly for your company’s products. Instead, they come across your brand naturally by browsing through topics that appeal them. This is where it becomes interesting. What topics do people search for and engage with that connect to your brand? Create an interwoven network of boards that are attention-grabbing and reach out to interests and hobbies that befit your brand.

The Ben & Jerry’s Pinterest page is a great example, entirely focusing on lifestyle elements. A board about Vermont, where the company was originally founded back in 1978 portrays beautiful images of the surroundings. The “On a Mission” board discusses causes and movements Ben & Jerry’s cares about. A “Music” board rounds out the group nicely with favorite artists, tunes, and articles about the music industry.

Use Catchy Board Titles

There are so many boards about the same topics, so how do you interest people in following YOUR board? Make your content stand out from all the rest with catchy and amusing titles. For example, let’s say you want to create a board about traveling to Italy. Don’t be afraid to get creative and whimsical with a title! Try something like “Bongiorno Italia!” or “I is for Italy”.

Fortunately, there are many great examples to learn from. Let’s take a look at Target which uses very entertaining titles to relate topics back to their products. Here you can see a board designed by celebrity event planner, David Stark, named “Best.Party.Ever.” and a board called “Down to Earth” that focuses on environmental protection.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

If you notice that certain boards just aren’t working, explore and create new ones. Like with any other social network, it will probably take a lot of experimenting to see what your audience responds to the most. Remember not to exclusively promote your brand, but interact and engage within relevant communities. Your content should never grow stagnant or boring, so keep things fresh and current.

According to Mashable, Pinterest is “One of the fastest growing social networks online and the third-largest network behind only Facebook and Twitter.”  If executed with a well-designed vision, Pinterest holds huge lead and conversion potential that your company shouldn’t ignore. As with any social media tool, your brand will have to decide on a strategy that best matches its goals and intentions.