How to Divide Your Marketing Budget Between Social Media & Paid Ads

By: Sofie De Beule

November 25, 2013

marketing budget

For marketers it is vital knowing where their website visitors are coming from. By measuring the metrics behind it they can decide how to divide their marketing budgets between social media and paid ads on various platforms.

Let’s have a look at what you should know to optimally divide your marketing budgets.

Start by digging into your web analytics tool to see where exactly the traffic to your website is coming from. This information will be of great use to decide on either of these two options:

  • you can optimize your presence on a social site if that channel already provides a healthy amount of traffic
  • you can put paid ads on a channel if the visitors are converting at a good rate

Your own marketing efforts will determine which channels you should measure against each other. Let’s take a closer look at three main categories, to help you determine where to put your focus, and why.

1. Social Channels

If one particular channel already refers a large amount of people to your website, you should definitely consider optimizing your presence there. However, it has become quite the challenge to track your niche communities on each channel individually because of the ever-growing number of social channels.

Once you have determined which specific social channel most traffic is coming from, you should determine what it is exactly they find appealing about your content. Based on that knowledge, you can further optimize your content to keep encouraging traffic to your website.

2. Organic Search

Many people in the industry have stated before that search is no longer as important as social. However, in a vast amount of cases, SEO is still driving very successful traffic. If you notice that indeed your brand search is providing traffic that actually converts, then investing in SEO is your way to go.

3. Advertising

When we say ‘advertising’, we can be referring to three things: paid search, display ads and ads on social sites.

To measure the efficiency of paid ads on for example Google or Facebook, you should take into account several metrics. For example, the number of conversions per user of each channel, compared to your investments into that channel.

Due to the diverse amount of marketing options, it’s beneficial to calculate the outcome of each of these traffic sources. If there’s room for experiment in your marketing budget, seize the opportunity and you will have all the insights you need to determine which path to take.

Via: Mashable