How to Identify and Win Sales Opportunities Through Social Media [eBook]

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By: Sofie De Beule

August 27, 2015

So, you say you’re already doing a great job using social media? Fantastic! Social channels are great for promoting your brand, building relationships, and even for providing customer care.

However, it doesn’t need to end there. Beyond listening to what your customers are saying about your brand and reacting to it, social media gives you the perfect means to proactively reach out and build engaging conversations with your community. Sure, it builds brand awareness and brand loyalty among your current customers. Yes, it gives you the chance to provide excellent social customer service. But, what is often overlooked: social media also gives you the ability to discover new potential sales opportunities.

How do you tap into new sales opportunities through social media?

The answer is simple: reach out to potential customers in a meaningful way.

In our special eBook we’ll help you to identify new sales opportunities through social media and become an expert in proactive outreach with some great examples in the travel industry.

Read our eBook, and discover more about:

  • How to search for key buying signals and track the right conversations
  • How to approach potential sales opportunities meaningfully
  • Which tone of voice you should use to create a lasting impact

What is your key motivation to start tapping into new opportunities on social media? Don’t hesitate to download our eBook and discover how your brand can tap into potential sales opportunities.