How to Increase the Online Rating of Your Business

By: Clarabridge Team

July 13, 2015

by Sofie De Beule, Community Manager at Engagor 

Customers turn to social media to air their feelings about a company. In today’s world, purchase decisions are largely driven by peer-to-peer interaction. Consumers scan the web for other consumers’ experiences, such as online ratings and reviews, which are a powerful tool to increase overall engagement and drive sales.

With that in mind, here are 3 ways in which businesses can help grow their online rating:

Ask Your Customers For Online Reviews

First, you need to recognize that online reviews are a brilliant company asset. Customers place a lot of trust in online reviews. Reach out to your customers right after an interaction with your company to get immediate feedback. Reviews can go beyond online review sites. For example, reviews on your site can greatly boost your conversion rate. The last employee that customers deal with will have the most influence. However, you need to pick the right moment! That’s why it’s especially useful to train your frontline personnel to ask for referrals.

The easiest way to get customers to write a review is just to ASK them. Make writing a review as straightforward as possible. Send your customers an email with a review link after they have made a purchase.

Provide a (Private) Outlet For Feedback

A great way to avoid negative reviews is to have an outlet where people can provide feedback about your products and vent. It’s the perfect place to voice their concerns privately, rather than on a public forum. If you’re able to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one, you not only prevent angry, public complaints from going viral but you also improve upon your reputation and show your customers you’ll do anything to please them.

Moreover, you can also ask customers to write a review directly on your product page and display small, yet powerful quotes. Invest in easy-to-use rating and review software designed especially for product pages that are tailored to your company’s needs to make YOU stand out.

This post originally appeared on the Engagor blog on March 12, 2015; head to Engagor to continue reading.