How to Optimize your Customer Relationships starting with your Contact Center

By: Clarabridge Team

October 21, 2014

By: Jessica Wessinger, Partner Marketing Manager

Let’s be honest, dealing with unhappy customers can be taxing. As much as you may feel like ignoring it all and calling it a day, the truth is that tactic is not realistic.  That’s why you hire and train employees to run customer call centers, engage with customers, and handle incident resolution. There may always be unhappy customers, but it’s how you listen, evaluate and respond to their feedback that matters.

Now, let’s say you’re using for your CRM needs. Let’s also take into account that you have customer feedback data. Now what? Well, you’re golden, that’s what. We can help you make sense of all that data. But what’s more, we can help you make it actionable, so that you’re actually doing something with it.


Let me introduce a little something special to you– SIFT™.  Simply stated, Clarabridge integrates with Salesforce to provide a superior customer experience. SIFT™ is a solution that filters, automates, assigns, and prioritizes your customer feedback data and case notes. This lets your organization’s contact center act on the inbound issues that matter most to your customers and have a direct impact on their loyalty and satisfaction. Feedback is pulled in from multiple sources (such as emails, web feedback, case notes, and data from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud), robustly analyzed and categorized, and given a sentiment score for further granularity.  From here, each case is then prioritized and sent to the right agent at the right time, ALL within your CRM system. It’s simple, it’s efficient, and your customers will thank you.

To learn more about how SIFT can decrease operational costs, reduce time to resolution of issues, mitigate legal risk and reduce customer churn, here’s a short video:

Accelerate your value with SIFT™. You’re welcome.

To learn more about how SIFT™ can help your organization, read the SIFT™ datasheet here.