How to Prioritize On Urgent Social Media Messages

By: Sofie De Beule

January 18, 2016

Nowadays, responding to every incoming social media message that needs an action should be your priority. Every customer reaching out to your business through social is an opportunity to demonstrate your level of commitment to delivering a great experience.

In the social space there are many moments with a clear level of urgency. Due to the massive overload of incoming social messages, crisis situations can quickly overwhelm your entire social customer care team. Usually, this is an “all hands on deck” situation. To help you smoothly handle this situation and focus on what really matters, you need a well-defined triage process.

Identify Keywords That Predict A Level Of Urgency

First, identify and search for those keywords that predict a level of urgency. For example, an Engagor customer in the utilities industry has identified keywords like ‘blackout’, ‘electrical breakdown’, ‘short-circuiting’, etc. Usually, when a lot of people start talking about the same keywords during a short period of time, this is a clear trigger a crisis situation is at hand.

Think about every worst case scenario that might cause serious damage to your business and your customers. Airline companies might search for multiple scenarios like ‘crash’, ‘hijacking’, etc. in relation to their brand to capture everything that’s relevant. In some cases, identifying the right keywords and being to quickly assess a crisis situation in the moment (which is possible via social more than any other communication channel) might even saves precious lives!

Set Up Automation Recipes & Alerts to Notify You At Times of Urgency

On social, one of the worst things that can happen is when messages slip through the cracks. Now that you’ve identified the right keywords, you need to make sure you’re instantly up-to-date. Social media never sleeps–with mobile push notifications and email alerts, you can receive a notification that enables you to quickly assess a situation and streamline communication.

With Engagor, this is possible by using automation recipes. You can, for example, create a recipe that sends a mobile push notification or email alert each time you’re pulling in a hundred messages in under 15 minutes. This sudden spike in volume might be a serious trigger for a crisis. Each time your incoming data matches these criteria you will receive instant alerts through email and your mobile phone. Messages that match certain criteria can also be routed to a specific mailbox to respond to all urgent messages from just one place.

Also, take the opportunity to create automation recipes to route messages to a specific mailbox when, for example, an important journalist or a key stakeholder tweets about your company.

On social, crisis situations can escalate easily. Anticipate different crisis scenarios before they quickly run out of hand. Get a grip on your social media messages and create automations to quickly route messages to the right people and make sure you still meet your SLAs, even in times of urgency.