How to Quickly Respond to Incoming Mentions on Social Media

By: Sofie De Beule

September 18, 2014

Every single minute, every second even, social media messages are being sent your way. People are always on, always connected, and they can immediately send a new tweet to a company on the go.

Once you have your social media engagement strategy in place with fixed social media guidelines delineating how to reply to incoming mentions, your social media team is ready to then take an active role in replying to those incoming mentions. Initially, you will start with Inbox Zero. This means that, in the beginning, you will have very few mentions awaiting a reply and, consequently, your average response time on your first interactions will be quite short.

But once messages are regularly flowing in, how do you keep your average response time to a mention equally short?

Here are a few tips that can help you reduce that time:

1. Automation Recipes

With the help of handy automations, you can trigger automatic actions for incoming mentions. For example, you can automatically assign a mention to a team member or another department to aid in smooth and fast responses. No need to go through x many steps to direct the right message to the right person. Automations get it done for you.

When there’s a huge peak in incoming mentions (based on the filters you establish), you can get a notification e-mail to update you immediately on the amount of incoming mentions. That way, you can keep your eye on the incoming mentions and not let a single one slip through the cracks!

2. Notifications

You don’t have to constantly work in your social media inbox to be agile and quickly reply to mentions. With notifications, you can get automatic emails for each time new mentions are coming in. Not able to access the web app of your social media tool right away? Emails will tell you when new mentions arrive.

Sounds like music to your ears? You can either choose to receive them every 15 minutes for every hour of the day or hourly.

3. Respond On-the-Go With the Mobile App

If all of your customers are mobile, why shouldn’t you be? That’s why using the mobile app makes it easy to reply to incoming mentions on the go, just like your customers. For quick responses, Engagor’s mobile iPhone application allows you to publish new messages, reply to, search for, and resolve mentions, assign mentions to team members, add tags, and much more!

And here’s some good news for all the Google fans. Engagor’s mobile app will be available next month on Android as well!

4. One Person in the Inbox At All Times

Although social media should never be a one-man job, there should always be at least one person working in the inbox, especially during business hours. Otherwise, you will never get your average response time to your first reaction down. Make at least one person responsible for assigning mentions to people in your team and notify them through email. One person can’t know it all, so it’s totally fine if in some cases you need to assign to other people.

If you don’t know the immediate answer to a customer’s questions, just be honest and tell that person you are taking care of it. Customers simply want their voice to be heard.

5. Structure Your Inbox: Old Mentions Come First

Just like in real life, the people who are waiting first in line, and have been waiting for a longer time, get a quicker response. That’s why it’s helpful to structure your inbox in that way so that your old mentions come first. Otherwise, things will simply get too messy!