How to Unlock the Ultimate Social Business Ambassador in Each of Your Employees

By: Sofie De Beule

March 31, 2014

Do you still encounter resistance from a large number of employees in becoming a social business? Is it difficult to encourage your employees to actively use social media to elevate your business efforts?

It’s undoubtedly time consuming to empower your team internally to fully embrace the power of social media, especially if your employees are from an older age group. In order for your company to succeed in becoming a social business, making your employees your ultimate social business ambassadors should be priority. They are your biggest assets, so use them wisely!

Social media isn’t just your marketing team’s responsibility. Use it to build your company’s brand in every department as a crucial competitive advantage.

But, what does it take to get your employees to fully embrace their roles as social business ambassadors?

1. Education

Knowledge is power! Provide your employees with the proper training and arm them with the latest information on the social landscape. Social business ambassadors should know the answers to questions like: How should employees actively share your content? Why is LinkedIn more than just a networking tool?

Give your employees a clear idea of the role they need to play and educate them carefully. To properly train your employees, you can ask the more experienced and social media savvy (millennial) employees to mentor their colleagues who are perhaps less knowledgeable.

2. Create a Transparent Social Media Playbook

No proper training goes without the right social media guidelines to pave the way. Becoming a social business implies applying a transparent and open culture. Encourage people to be “socially savvy”, but outline clear parameters because there is no mercy for mistakes on social media.

3. Uncover Present Day Social Business Ambassadors

Although Millennials make for great mentors, they aren’t the only employees who are actively using social media and proactively initiating conversations. Their enthusiasm is key to launching your program, so use it wisely. Make sure, well in advance, they embody the values and overall image of your social business.

In brief, selecting the right social business ambassadors should be an indispensable part of your marketing strategy. So, meticulously maximize every opportunity to build your social business. By appointing the right responsibilities to the right people and creating clear and transparent social media guidelines, you can empower your employees and unlock their great potential.