How Turkish Airlines Improved their Social Response Times by 35 Minutes: A Chat with the Team in Charge

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By: Clarabridge Team

July 19, 2016

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Turkish Airlines, working alongside their agency, Adba, has dramatically transformed their social customer service program. Starting with an average response time of 45 minutes, the team now responds back to each social mention in approximately 10 minutes. Considering the global reach of their consumer base  – Turkish Airlines services over 290 destinations worldwide, making its country coverage greater than any other airline in the world – this is no easy feat!

We had the opportunity to chat with Muhammet Unal, Social Media Data Specialist at Adba, and Ibrahim Fazil Celik, Business Development Manager at Adba. Here’s the story behind Turkish Airline’s social strategy for Twitter:

Sentiments: Can you give us an overview of your presence on Twitter?

Ibrahim: Because of our global customer base, we had to carefully consider how we wanted to manage the different languages and markets on Twitter.  We now have one Twitter channel solely dedicated to customer care, @TK_HelpDesk. This is overseen by Adba and the customer services team at Turkish Airlines.  We respond to all customer queries from this channel, regardless of the language the customer uses. This is a 24/7 support channel.

Muhammet: There are separate Twitter handles for non-customer care engagement that are based on language and location. For example, we have one Twitter handle for all of our Arabic marketing campaigns, targeted to our markets in the Middle East. These non-customer care channels are run by a separate external agency.

Sentiments: How do you support all of the different languages that your customers engage in over Twitter?

Muhammet: We currently monitor social chatter in multiple languages, and we provide social customer support in 5 languages: Turkish, English, French, Arabic, and German. Our central customer support team based out of Istanbul oversees social customer care in all our supported languages. Every member of the team is able to respond to both English and Turkish social comments. Team members with additional language skills are also in charge of responding to comments written in other languages. We currently have a team of 24 customer support agents, and are expanding.

Sentiments: Do you respond to every tweet?

Muhammet: In-keeping with Turkish Airlines’ policies, we do not respond to social comments that are politically charged. We respond to any customer who requires help from our team, such as questions around reservations, tickets, processing, baggage, or cancellations.

Sentiments: How has Engagor helped Turkish Airlines to improve their social customer care program?

Ibrahim: We use Engagor to monitor all our social channels, engage with our online communities, track KPI metrics and agent performance, and to provide in-depth reporting of our social activities. Engagor’s real-time automated tagging and routing capabilities have been instrumental in improving our efficiency over social. We have been able to drastically improve our key KPI – customer response times. Before Engagor, our average response times were 45 minutes. Now, our average response times are 10 minutes.

I am most proud of this achievement, not to mention the fact that we respond to every social post that requires a response. We even display a real-time tracker of our response times on in the header image of our Twitter channel, @TK_HelpDesk. Customer satisfaction scores have also improved, and Turkish Airlines was selected as the second best social brand in Turkey, 2016 by the country’s Digital Research Association.


Muhammet Unal, Social Media Data Specialist, Adba

Muhammet has been working at Adba International since 2015. His responsibilities include reporting on, analyzing, and discovering social insights for customer service operations, marketing, campaigns and product innovation. Muhammet graduated from Anadolu University with a degree in Communication Design and Management. He is currently studying towards a Master’s Degree in Social Media and Communication Management at Istanbul University.

Ibrahim Fazil Celik, Business Development Manager,  Adba

At Adba, Ibrahim is responsible for helping customers to efficiently and more effectively use the power of social media to add value to their business. He has extensive experience in business intelligence, customer development, and product management. Ibrahim graduated from I have experience in business intelligence, customer development and product management.

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