Hybrid Marketing: 3 Key Social Insights From #STIMAC2013

By: Sofie De Beule

December 11, 2013

This Friday and Saturday, Engagor was present at #STIMAC2013 in Ghent, Belgium. The theme this year was ‘Hybrid Marketing: the many layers of the new marketer’. Throughout the event, the Engagor platform was used to engage in every ongoing social conversation.

When it comes to big marketing events like #STIMAC2013, the most important information you get from social media is the feedback from your audience. The audience on events typically share the same things on social media, mostly Twitter:

  • give kudos to interesting speakers
  • share their own ideas related to the presentations
  • give feedback to the organization

We dug into the stream of social messages in Engagor, and found these 3 key insights:

 1. Speakers Dan Heath, Elke Jeurissen & Herman Toch generated the most buzz

Dan Heath, New York Times’ bestselling author of the management book Decisive, taught us how marketers still make the wrong decisions, and how we can avoid them. He brought some simple ideas to the table, to make our lives easier and better:

  • Avoid yes/no choices and widen your options
  • Do a reality check every now and then
  • Keep your distance and don’t get distracted by your emotions or ‘gut feeling’
  • Don’t be overconfident and take a negative outcome into account

Elke Jeurissen, founder of Glassroots and an expert in stakeholder engagement, discussed the importance of stakeholder engagement to find new and better solutions for challenging business issues.

Herman Toch, marketer and author of ‘Transformeren om te overleven’ (translation: ‘Transform to Survive’) engaged in a debate with Economics professor Bruno Colmant. They discussed the friction between marketing managers and CFO’s, as their interests are often contradictory. A topic that is very relevant, especially in an age of financial crisis!

2. Top shared tweets by the marketing crowd for #STIMAC2013

Speakers at marketing events are typically keen on using lots of witty quotes. The audience on their end love to fill their Twitter feed with them and their followers decide whether the quotes are RT-worthy or not. In total all #stimac2013 tweets reached 3,473,131 twitterers!

“Companies don’t compete, their cultures do”. Involve everyone in the company in innovation, marketing and engagement. @yoeriroels #STIMAC2013

“Pop-up stores are the Snapchat of the shopping street.” Genius. #STIMAC2013

Dan Heath: people don’t seek ‘the truth’ but confirmation of what they want to be true. #STIMAC2013

3. Interesting pool of feedback for #STIMAC2013

Some marketing professionals in the crowd didn’t immediately find what they were looking for: answers. As the theme was all about ‘the next step in marketing’, a few presentation cut short on providing answers to some challenging marketing issues. Twitterers happily share their feedback to make next year’s edition #STIMAC2014 even better than this year’s!

During events, social media is an extremely valuable source of information. You don’t even have to be in the auditorium or at the event to find out what your audience thought about the speakers, their presentations or the event in general.

A good advice to all event organizers out there: use this information! Add (automatic) tags to the social media messages to make the analysis afterwards a piece of cake. This will enable you to quickly report on the speakers, the catering, the venue and so much more. Learn from this year’s feedback and your road to success is guaranteed!