Improve the ROI in your Social Customer Service Department in 4 Steps

By: The Clarabridge Team

July 5, 2017

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Most businesses struggle with balancing the amount of social traffic they get requesting help while attempting to stay engaged and on-trend. This often happens because businesses inadvertently begin relying on their marketing team to provide support to customers who need it, immediately. However, there’s a reason that marketing and customer service departments are different, and unfortunately, that becomes evident when social customer service results in inaccurate information being given, slow to nonexistent respond times, and failing to close the loop.

When most businesses start sculpting teams that are a hybrid of customer service agents and marketing experts- they begin seeing real ROI, and quick. We work with businesses just like this and decided to put together a cheat sheet of 4 ways you can improve the ROI of your Social Customer Service department.

This cheat sheet will get you started, but putting in the real work is up to you!

Denasia Pinkard, the Content Marketing Manager at Clarabridge, is responsible for the production of all content from concept to execution. With over 10 years of writing and editorial experience, her specialty lies in communicating the value of seamless customer experiences. She has a BA from Morgan State in Telecommunications, and an MA from UMUC in International Marketing Management. Follow Denasia.