[Infographic] McDonald’s Most Buzzing Brand in 2015 Social Media Super Bowl – Overrules All Brands

By: Sofie De Beule

February 3, 2015

Every year during the biggest annual media event, the Super Bowl, commercials are the talk of the town – unlike any other moment throughout the year. All major brands are desperately hoping to get noticed during this all-time favorite sporting event. So, which brand managed to astonish us this year? With Engagor’s powerful and in-depth, real-time analytics, we were able to capture all the commercial buzz during the event.

Hot off the press, there’s only one question that truly matters in our research:

Which brand won this year’s Social Super Bowl?

The iconic McDonald’s brand earned some well deserved social media medals this year. In no more than 3 categories in our research, it scored highest overruling iconic brands like Coca-Cola and Budweiser:

McDonald’s Most Buzzing Brand

Overall, our research uncovered that McDonald’s is the most discussed advertiser and earned an incredible amount of love during last night’s game. If you want to know how, just read on!

McDonald’s Pay With Lovin’ campaign, announcing a new form of payment from February 2nd to February 14th, earned the brand the title, ‘Number One Buzzing Ad‘, outweighing runner-up Coca-Cola with a whopping 300,000 mentions! In this touching video, the fast food giant’s employees asked their customers, as a token of goodwill, to pay for their food with acts of fun such as giving someone a hug, calling their mom to tell her how great she is, or doing a little power dance. Hungry much?

Last but not least, with its crazy Super Bowl giveaway campaign, McDonald’s handed out big-ticket items like cars (Lexus and Toyota) to people retweeting their tweets. With this generous act of giving, McDonald’s totally outscored every other brand claiming the entire top 3 of social media posts that received most engagement.

T-Mobile Top Engaging Brand

However, when it comes to true social media engagement, telecom brand T-Mobile comes out best as the top engaging brand sending out 27,355 replies. The brand dedicated a lot of effort to engaging with the people mentioning their brand on a one-on-one level, instead of just broadcasting or pushing information.

This doesn’t come as a surprise: mobile keeps overruling with 77% of all people mentioning these brands using a mobile device.

Want to see a complete overview of the brands that claimed a spot in this year’s Social Super Bowl? Take a look at our infographic below and discover all you need to know.


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