[Infographic] Vodafone Top Engaging Brand in Engagor’s Telecom Social Media Report

By: Sofie De Beule

November 19, 2014

Telecom brands have undergone a huge transformation since they started providing customer support on social media. They rank highly in terms of workload dealing heavily with complaints on social media on a continuous base. The telecom industry truly leads the way in terms of customers being able to reach out to brands on social media. So, how well are they engaging with their customers on social media?

With the Engagor platform, we’ve conducted in-depth research looking into 8 key telecom brands in both Belgium and the Netherlands (Vodafone, KPN, Telenet, Proximus, T-Mobile, Mobistar, Mobile Vikings, and Base). Over a period of 3 weeks, we have tracked the Facebook and Twitter activity of these brands and discovered telecom’s leading brands in social media engagement.

Here are 5 key findings from our Telecom Social Media Report:

  • Telecom operators encounter the highest workload on social media between 9am and 5pm.
  • Vodafone scores highest on response time with an average of 33 minutes!
  • 64% of customers use a mobile device when talking to telecom brands.
  • On average, 63% of people talking about the telecom brands are male.
  • Vodafone encountered the largest volume of messages with 30,369 mentions during that period of time, and 4,872 mentions got a reply which makes them the top engaging telecom brand!

Vodafone tops engagement charts with an average response time of 33 minutes. With 30,369 mentions and replies to 4,872 of those, Vodafone is the leading engaging brand in our research!

Take a look at our infographic, and take a deeper dive into the results for brands in the telecom industry, such as top engaging regions, popular posts, and top hashtags.

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