Innovation in Technology is Shaping Social Customer Experience

By: Daniel Martins, Head of Digital Marketing

May 2, 2017

customer service
social customer experience
social customer service

Well known companies like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon are taking social customer experience to the next level. These brands make life easier with efficient and fast service that gets the job done. The result? A massive following of loyal customers that continue coming back for more.

At Clarabridge’s C3 event in Miami this week, we celebrate these companies and others like them that are prioritizing customer service and continue to innovate in the space. But C3 is also about underscoring the importance of customer experience for those that have been slow to embrace the customer-first movement through social media management. Today, an attendee brought up a really important point — most CFOs and CEOs find it difficult to justify spend on customer experience without a clear understanding of ROI.

There’s still uncertainty about the value behind great customer service, and it’s about time we clear up the confusion. According to a survey conducted by American Express, 61 percent of customers will leave you for a competitor due to a bad experience. What’s more, $338.5 billion is lost worldwide every year due to bad customer service.

So how do we improve customer experience? Ultimately, the business that proves to be responsive to customer questions, complaints or other needs will gain a competitive advantage. Here’s how to leverage technology for loyalty building, hall-of-fame worthy customer experiences:

Be Relevant: Engage with customers whenever and wherever they are. Some customers, especially younger generations, prefer to share feedback or ask questions via social media, live chat or text message. Meanwhile, older customers often prefer to speak to someone over the phone.

Show that You Understand: Customers want to know that they are being heard. That means representatives need to be caring and interested in queries. Leverage technology to track customer sentiment and train representatives to be empathetic. Prioritize customer interactions and strive to collect actionable insights from feedback to improve experience long term.

Be Available: In today’s on demand world, it’s important to provide customer support 24/7. A frustrated customer won’t care that it’s a Sunday. Look to technology to track volume of customer requests throughout the day, and use this information to staff your team appropriately.

Leave it to Them: Customers can access information through multiple sources. Businesses with updated websites can provide a wealth of knowledge for customers, so try have as much information on your site as possible.

Be Social: Thanks to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, we have a unique opportunity to engage with customers in an authentic way. Respond and converse with customers in this space, while sharing blog posts, webinars, infographics, videos and beyond.


Daniel Martins is Clarabridge’s Global Head of Digital Marketing. Daniel is based out of our London office and collaborates with the wider global team to ensure that we are able to meet our customer’s digital needs through best-in-class customer experience.