Inspiring Customer Service Excellence: Recapping Day 2 and Wrapping Up C3 2017

By: Guest Blogger

May 4, 2017

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Coming off of the heels of a noteworthy first day and a night of ‘getting into the groove’ with an eighties cover band at LIV Nightclub, Day 2 of Clarabridge Customer Connections (C3) Conference did not disappoint!

HCSC and Northridge Group Break Down the Importance of an Effortless Experience

To kick off the final day of C3, Rob Hatfield, Director of Operational Analytics and Consulting for HCSC, and Pam Plyler, Customer Experience and Executive Practice Lead of Northridge Group, delivered a rousing opening keynote about how they changed HCSC’s culture by thinking like the customer.

With this new perspective, Pam and Rob came to understand that providing an effortless experience for HCSC’s members is imperative to the business’s success because it gives customers the precious gift of time. HCSC used the Clarabridge platform to stay proactive about customer needs by listening to the voice of the customer, and empower all stakeholders to create an awesome, frictionless member experience.


Lyft Discusses Increasing Efficiency to Elevate the Customer Experience

Following HCSC and Northridge Group’s keynote, Rebecca Liberman, Voice of the Customer Specialist for Lyft, revealed why brands must track feedback in real-time to better delight their customers. Before Clarabridge, Rebecca and her team were manually reading hundreds of support tickets a day and as a result, they couldn’t share customer feedback on recent changes to Lyft’s app as fast as the product team wanted.

Enter Clarabridge. With CX Studio, the customer service team has been able to dive in and track support tickets in real-time so that they are better aligned with the product team. In return, the Lyft customer is now part of every conversation across the company –– and as an added bonus, Clarabridge helped Rebecca and her team increase Lyft’s NPS!


The Restaurant Group Spills on How They Go Above and Beyond for Their Customers

Later in the day, Adam Lamb, Guest Experience Manager of The Restaurant Group, led a session about the creative and unexpected ways the Restaurant Group is going above and beyond to delight customers using social media. Adam and his team mine their customers’ social media profiles for information that can lead to better and more personalized experiences. For example, when one customer shared that she had named her dog after one of The Restaurant Group’s franchises, Adam and his team mailed her a personalized diamante collar.

Clarabridge Gives Back with Rise Against Hunger

Continuing our tradition of giving back at C3, Clarabridge is proud to partner with Rise Against Hunger by supplying food and support to those who need it most. Throughout the event, attendees have been packing meals, and we’re excited to announce that we reached our goal of putting together more than 10,000 packages!

Bruce Temkin Looks to the Future of CX

To close out the conference, CX Transformist and Managing Partner of the Temkin Group, Bruce Temkin gave an exciting keynote speech that shed light on how to future-proof your company’s CX efforts. Bruce encouraged all attendees to “ride the big wave,” and make human-centric decisions when looking at rising trends and technologies that will transform businesses. In return, brands will be better positioned to be leaders in this CX Revolution and beyond.

Feel like you missed out on the extravaganza of the year? Don’t worry, we’ll be back next year for more revolutionary CX insights and best practices. In the meantime, keep your eyes on our blog for more Customer Experience Management and Social Customer Service tips on how to elevate your customer experience.