Instagram by Far The Biggest Growing Social Network, Facebook Still King

By: Sofie De Beule

January 22, 2014

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According to a report from GlobalWeb Index taken from 170,000 users in 32 countries, Instagram is the clear winner in the battle for ‘fastest growing network’. But, don’t forget about “big brother Facebook” who’s still king of social networks.

Facebook Still Dominates – 56% of users logging in more than once a day

GlobalWeb Index reports Facebook still remains the number one social network around. Facebook did lose a lot of active users, however, it’s still on top. The site is, however, still experiencing decline in levels of active usage mostly amongst teens.

Although the decline is said to be significantly over-exaggerated in some reports, Facebook is still hugely popular among all demographic groups. Facebook rules them all in visit frequency with 56% of users logging in more than once a day.

Instagram Grows 23% in Active Users

The biggest changes are clearly happening with Instagram, which increased 23% in active users. The extremely popular photo-sharing app, like Digital Trends already pointed out to us, is growing faster than Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest combined.

Reports from Simply Measured already showed us that brand engagement and interaction are thriving with more than two-thirds of the world’s most valuable brands participating. Another platform to watch out for is Reddit with a 13% increase in active usage.