Introducing Clarabridge 6.0: Live from C3

By: Clarabridge Team

April 18, 2013

By: Melissa Pippine

Last year, there were bouncing basketballs. This year, I threatened bouncing ice cubes, but instead had a much bigger surprise. (Want a hint? Check out the audience feedback we received through the Clarabridge Facebook page or twitter handle!)

Clarabridge 6.0, our new product release, greatly enhances how businesses can intelligently listen to, analyze, act on, and measure customer insights. There are three features I want to point out that really stood out for C3 attendees when we spoke with them after my presentation.

1) Enhanced Field-level report distribution: It’s hard to believe that sometimes customer insights don’t make it to the people who need them to make better business decisions. With robust field-level reporting, Clarabridge 6.0 enables you to set up automated local-level reports that are sent to individual managers, store locations, customer care team, or whoever else needs to know what is happening.  Users can specify distribution schedule, comment within reports, and view the most relevant customer feedback insights to really understand what is happening and why.

2) Sophisticated insights analysis: this gives users presentation-ready business analysis on how their brands or products fare across any variable. For example, this enables you to compare performance and sentiment scores across brands, regions, and loyalty levels. Understand what customers view as your strong points as compared to your competitors, and, more importantly, easily share the presentation-ready reports with the people who need to see them.

3) Hadoop via HBase support for big data: As I pointed out during my presentation, today’s challenges and rise of big data are mostly due to the proliferation of unstructured text feedback that customers are continuously generating.  This is why Clarabridge 6.0 provides additional support for big data by leveraging Hadoop via HBase. This allows users to more easily view their data, track trends on historical data and generate un-sampled reports in real time.