Introducing The Updated Engagor Mobile App

By: Sofie De Beule

June 2, 2016

Today we launch a much-anticipated update of the Engagor Mobile App for iOS and Android. We’re introducing a brand new look with new features for Publishing, Filtering, and Engagement, as well as improvements in stability, speed and support for newer devices. Managing your inbox and publishing new social messages on-the-go with the Engagor platform is now better than ever.

1. Photo Publishing & Message Scheduling

Social is real-time and always on–so you need to make sure you’re always in touch with your customers, anytime, anywhere. With Engagor’s latest mobile app you can now instantly post updates to your customers or schedule posts for the future. In addition, you can now share photos (because “a picture says more than 1000 words”) no matter where you are.

2. New Global Custom Date Filtering & Saved Filters

With advanced filtering options for mobile, you can now go back in time and find any mention, from any date, anywhere in the app. Apply global date filters or saved filters (i.e. filters you commonly use) to find mentions that add context to your current conversation or to review previous posts.

3. Take More Actions on Mentions

Do more than just respond – you can now manage your entire inbox on the go. Beyond replying, you can now tag mentions, add notes, adjust sentiment, and batch resolve or delete mentions from within the mobile app. This way, you can handle crisis communication more efficiently, respond faster to customers and better collaborate with team members straight from your mobile device.

4. Assign & Approval Workflows

Delivering great service is without a doubt a team effort. Engagor makes teamwork easy, no matter where you are. In the mobile app, you can now assign and notify team members of relevant posts, or take control of your publishing with complete approval assignments and workflows, all from your Android or iOS device.

We hope you’re as excited about these new features for your mobile device as we are. Download the latest version of the app today in the App Store or Google Play Store and please let us know what you think!