Key Traits of Highly Successful Social Media Teams

By: Sofie De Beule

March 9, 2016

A huge part of the success of your social customer care program relies on your social customer care team. As 50% of your customers prefer social to reach out to your brand, you need team members who are prepared to answer questions and resolve concerns in a timely, efficient manner.

If you want to delight your customers through every step of their journey, building a motivated, social customer care team with the right characteristics is essential. What are the qualities of a great team?

1. They handle incoming messages effectively and in a timely manner. Social media data is flooding in at record speed in countless different languages. The incoming volume can quickly overwhelm care agents. A smooth and efficient workflow ensures that messages are routed to the right person at the right location–no matter where your care agents are located–to take immediate action. It’s crucial to not only set realistic expectations for your customers but for your agents as well. Successful agents have clear responsibilities and have access to the messages they’re most knowledgeable to answer, to ensure optimal response times.

2. They engage with customers with an authentic voice. Every agent replying to your customers represents the voice of your brand. There’s a huge opportunity out there to engage with customers and turn a negative experience into a positive one with excellent social customer care skills. A social customer care team should identify and analyze how customers are talking about your business, especially about the issues and questions they’re struggling with. A successful social media team talks to customers with an authentic voice in a language that resonates with them to amplify your brand, and ultimately leads to an increase in profit and upsell.

3. They make great first impressions. Social customer care not only gives you a chance to respond instantly and effortlessly to customers. It also provides you with the ability to be proactive, use customer feedback to improve your business and customer experience, and close the loop with your customers. An organized, efficient team does regular check-ins with new or returning customers. For example, if customers were experiencing some billing issues, check in with them. Shoot them a brief message on social and let them know you were able to fix it. Don’t forget to thank them for their patience; you will be surprised by how much they will appreciate this!

4. They measure the team’s performance intelligently. Last but not least, you need to look at numbers and analyze the KPIs that really matter. Social customer care metrics can give you great information about individual care agents’ performance as well as team performance. In addition to performance metrics, a successful social media team looks at KPIs that indicate customer loyalty, engagement, and influence to show how your online efforts are impacting your bottom line.