Kicking Off C3 2013

By: Sid Banerjee

April 17, 2013

Over the past five years, C3 has become the industry’s premier customer experience conference. Widely recognized by customer experience professionals, media, analysts, and other industry influencers as a forward-thinking, education-driven event, this year’s conference focuses on transforming attendees into Customer Experience Management (CEM) “Rockstars.”

While the full agenda can be found here (we highly recommend checking it out – the sessions and speakers are amazing, such as speakers from Verizon, Acer America, TD Ameritrade and United Airlines), there will be several high-level topics that will pervade the next three days. Let’s preview a few of them here:

The Big Bang around Big Data
Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that big data is the new industry buzzword. Organizations are drowning in data, but are at a point where they realize big data can be leveraged across the enterprise to significantly benefit the business. In terms of customer experience, big data, when combined with intelligent analysis, can help organizations better relate to, engage with, and understand their customers.

Multi-Source Listening … it Can be Done!
If this was 1990, your business could probably get away with only “listening” to survey responses or call center feedback. Today, multi-source listening is the key to getting a 360-degree view of the customer. Feedback data is flooding in through different sources (Facebook, online forums, Twitter, surveys, call centers, emails, etc.) every day. On top of that, the data comes in different formats (text, video, audio, etc.) and in different languages. Intelligent, multi-source listening on a single platform helps to filter out the “spam” and isolate surrounding noise, which then allows for powerful discovery within customer feedback data.

Leveraging Today’s Sophisticated Analytics
The technology available within the CEM industry has gotten tremendously sophisticated, especially when it comes to intelligent analytics. Organizations can then get precise understanding of sentiment and customer influence. Who is influencing who in the social sphere? What is the root cause of an issue? What is the best approach to rectifying a situation? There is no end to the questions that can be asked and the insights that can be gleaned.

Turning Information into Actionable Insights
What people find shocking is that with many current CEM programs, the insights uncovered are never shared throughout the organization. This renders valuable information useless. Turning feedback data into actionable insights is still an emerging concept within customer experience. It’s about getting the right information, to the right people at the right time. Routing information to the appropriate internal stakeholder both encourages cross-departmental collaboration and ensures that real-time engagement and response occurs. Actionable insight at its best.

Don’t Forget your Employees
In the whirlwind of customer experience, many organizations forget about the Voice-of-the-Employee (VoE). But an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the correlation between employee engagement and positive business outcomes like talent retention, customer satisfaction scores, and innovation. On top of this, the leading organizations are harnessing employee insights to improve the customer experience- check out this video to learn how Best Buy is doing this for themselves!

This is just a taste of some of the themes that will be explored this week at C3. Be sure to visit this blog regularly during the event and follow @Clarabridge or #c3rocks13 for real-time event coverage.