KitchenAid’s Recipe for Success with Clarabridge Clarabridge Engage

By: The Clarabridge Team

June 5, 2018

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Today we’re proud to share in the excitement of KitchenAid, a customer using Clarabridge Engage, who has announced the tremendous growth they have seen on social media since working with Clarabridge. In the last year, KitchenAid has used Clarabridge Engage to create a consistent experience for their customers across social channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Our AI-supported dashboards helped them gain 360-degree views of their customers and the conversations that were happening on various channels all in one place.

Using Clarabridge Engage dashboard features, KitchenAid was able to analyze customer feedback in order to escalate the appropriate inquiries, create cohesion in the way they were responding, decrease their response and resolution time, and identify trends in feedback in the way only Clarabridge products can. Not only have they used this feedback to put their customers’ voices at the center of their product development pipeline, they have also been able to make changes towards a better, more informed service.

The results have paid off in dividends, as they can now boast that they have seen:

  • 85% growth in engagement across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 90% growth in KitchenAid’s social media fanbase
  • 143% growth in social interactions over the course of one year

You can learn more about their success in the press release here. For more information about Clarabridge Engage and how it can help your company revolutionize the way it approaches social media management, see more details here.