Leverage Marketing and Sales by targeting your Facebook posts very precisely

By: Lien Brusselmans

August 1, 2012

Facebook is working on new targeting possibilities that will be beneficial to companies that regularly address their audience on Facebook. It will help them to specify very precisely which segment of their audience they want to reach.


Targeting on Facebook?

When you share content on your company’s Facebook page, you can target your audience. Up until now you could only target on location (country, state/province and/or city) and language. For international countries this was already very helpful.

New targeting possibilities

Facebook is now creating much more elements you can target on. Yesterday they started the roll out of their ‘page post targeting enhanced’ for a small group of page admins. In the upcoming weeks the new targeting possibilities will become available for all pages. Basically, in the future you’ll be able to target on the following parameters:

  • age
  • gender
  • interested in
  • relationship status
  • language
  • education: College Grad, in College, in High School
  • workplace
  • location

Marketing and Sales opportunities

Think about all the opportunities this brings about for your Sales and Marketing Department. For each campaign you launch, for each status update and each picture you share, you’ll be able to perfectly define who you want to reach. You can use appropriate vocabulary, visuals and messages for each focus group. Needless to say that High School girls are a very different audience then 45-year old men working in finance. When you adapt your content to a specific part of your audience, they will probably feel more involved. Chances are high that, as a result, their engagement with your brand will grow. Also adding up to this, is the fact they’re no longer overloaded with all your content. If it’s not interesting to them, they won’t see it popping up in their newsfeed.

Anyhow, this new Facebook feature will definitely be appreciated, both by the companies and by the Facebook users themselves. Companies can share the right content with the right people, while Facebook users themselves will see more news stories that are actually interesting to them in specific.

Source: TechCrunch
Image credit: showmepostcards.com, zoomerang