Life’s a Mess But Pinterest Brings Comfort in Chaos With Rich Pins

By: Tess Van Den Eeckhout

May 22, 2013

Along with the rise of Pinterest, my Finder maps became a lot cleaner and my laptop became almost boring with all maybe some day I’ll make this, wow this is beautiful, I’ll save this just in case I never encounter one of the 3 billion pictures of it ever again and other inspiring stuff being moved to an on line Pinterest account. Endless hours of beauty and chaos from any device with an internet connection.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.44.28 AM

Comfort in pin chaos thanks to rich pins
Still, we all need some comfort in that beautiful chaos. Luckily, like every growing kid, Pinterest is learning to organize its stuff. You could already organize your pins in several dashboards and place each of them in existing general categories, but now they’ve also launched rich pins that include more information.

This way it will be easier to remember the movie hottie’s name, harder to mess up the recipe for comfort cookies and almost impossible to resist buying those lovely shoes.

To start with, Pinterest cooperated with some popular websites to show more information on some pins. This way you can really do something with the pins you see and love. For now, there are three kinds of pins that include this extra information:

  •  Product pins to easily check availability, price and location for things like clothes (yes, my fellow ladies) and furniture and hum, more clothes. Did I mention shoes already? Shoes as well.
  • Recipe pins to never mistake a teaspoon with a general spoon ever again, to know how high you’ll have to count until it’s done and all serving tips
  • Movie pins with content ratings, cast members (the talented hotties I told you about!), and more

These rich pins will have a little icon underneath their photo, but will only be visible in the new Pinterest look. Which is already old to us, early adapters, hel-lo. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 10.27.18 AM

This should only be the beginning with more types of rich pins coming up the following months. Until then, Pinterest feeds your hunger for organized chaos with the Pin It button that’s now available on some mobile applications, like Etsy, The North Face, etc. Now let’s hope all of our favorite bloggers, brands and shops rush to make rich pins available.

So thanks Pinterest. Sleep is a thing of the past.