Limiting the Risky Business of Outbound Compliance 

Limiting the risky business of outbound compliance

By: Hadley Spadaccini

November 2, 2021

Contact Center

Outbound calling centers face a unique set of challenges due to the heavy regulation and consequences for script or legal noncompliance, as well as the high cost of operating a contact center. Companies that perform outbound calls should look to automated quality management (AQM) as a solution. 

AQM scores agent compliance according to industry- and organization-defined requirements for inbound and outbound calls. Automating quality management greatly improves cost effectiveness and efficiency while reducing compliance risk in the contact center. 

To understand the necessity of AQM, we first need to understand the legal and financial risks of noncompliance. 

Risky Business: The World of Outbound Compliance 

In 2021, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) levied a $5.1 million fine against two individuals that robocalled over 1100 cellphones without first getting people’s consent. While this case resulted in a fine, regardless of the industry or regulatory bodies involved, the consequences are always severe for outbound calling noncompliance and can include complete bans on operating within the United States for egregious cases of fraud, noncompliance, or threatening consumers. 

While many outbound compliance issues are less serious than fraud, noncompliance with regulations surrounding how to contact consumers, permissions to contact consumers, script adherence, abiding by the FCC’s and Federal Trade Commission’s Do-Not-Call registry, and other seemingly minor details of how outbound contact centers perform their work can lead to fines. AQM can offer some risk mitigation for script adherence issues and allow for better coaching of agents. 

Keep Coaching: How to Limit Agent Noncompliance 

Much like fixing a leaky faucet before getting a pricey water bill, giving agents sufficient training and continuous coaching prevents small issues from becoming big problems. Script compliance issues, inadequate training, and other concerning behaviors can be identified using AQM solutions like Clarabridge Intelligent Scoring. 

For example, Clarabridge Intelligent Scoring allows contact centers to create a rubric that scores agent behaviors against their organization’s or regulatory bodies’ requirements. Intelligent Scoring analyzes 100% of all agent calls, eliminating the need for supervisors to manually sample calls for quality, thereby reducing the risk of missing a noncompliant or concerning behavior, which is more likely with random sampling. 

AQM customers could see as much as a 40% reduction in time for quality management compared to previous manual sampling methods, which could amount to more than 850 work hours saved. The dollar amount on these savings can exceed $952,000 in supervisor time, allowing them to quickly pinpoint on which topics or behaviors agents need coaching.** Concerning interactions can be quickly surfaced and identified as new coaching opportunities. Supervisors can then guide agents towards more compliant behaviors that ultimately reduce risk.  

Limiting Agent Attrition with AQM 

The average attrition rate for contact center agents can range from 30% to 45% across the contact center industry. In dollars and cents, this means contact centers could easily spend over $100,000 per year on  recruiting, training, supervisory, and other contact center-specific costs from high employee turnover. 

Training costs can be greatly reduced by precluding a human from having to listen in on sets of randomly selected calls per agent to test for quality. No manual call scoring means massive time savings on quality management and coaching, which can lead to a lower risk of fines, less turnover, and less time spent on training while increasing quality. Agents also have the peace of mind that they will be held to a set group of standards, allowing them to self-coach against those standards on each of their calls. 

Finding a Good AQM Solution for Outbound Compliance 

AQM solutions need to be flexible and customizable because of the ever-changing requirements for organizations that perform outbound compliance. However, organizations also need a means to visualize and analyze the huge volume of call data their agents produce in their daily work. Clarabridge Experience Management and Intelligent Scoring give organizations the tools to track employee experiences, uncover specific compliance risks, and analyze contact center operations with industry-leading analytics and AQM. 

When there is so much on the line for companies that perform outbound calling, the solution needs to be trustworthy. Fortunately, Clarabridge has been identified as an industry leader for its text analytics, so contact center operators can rest safe knowing the most important interactions for mitigating risk are being surfaced. Clarabridge also partners with the foremost name in outbound contact center solutions, Alvaria, to enhance businesses’ outbound calling capabilities. 

Alvaria enhances Clarabridge’s AQM capabilities with their own advanced compliance controls that further help outbound contact centers mitigate risk. Alvaria’s advanced compliance controls can indicate which times are most convenient to call, record who is on the Do Not Call list, prevent harassment, recognize local compliance regulations, and track valid calling times by area or postal code. Automatically recognizing and mitigating risk before it occurs is essential for the highly regulated environment of outbound calling. Clarabridge and Alvaria partner together to give organizations the outbound calling solution that will do just that and more.    

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**Amounts are not representative of all customers using automated quality management and are based on return-on-investment calculations made by Clarabridge with respect to current customers’ experiences with Intelligent Scoring.