Manage Google+ Pages with Engagor

By: Lien Brusselmans

December 12, 2012

At Engagor, we try to make your life easier by centralizing all social media activity around your brand. We want you to be able to manage and keep track of áll your social profiles from one single platform. Today, we’re very proud to announce we’re one of the first European selected Google+ partners and have implemented full support for managing Google+ Pages via Engagor. This partnership further proves Engagor is one of the leading social media management tools in Europe and beyond.

Why we have included Google+ in Engagor

Google+ is continually attracting more users and has several advantages for businesses. Here’s a few of those powerful features:

  • You can easily address the people that start following your page, without them having to post something on your own page first. This means real interaction with your followers!
  • It’s very easy to target the right audience on Google+ with their ‘circles’. You can group all your followers in circles as you wish: customers, employees, partners, thought leaders, etc. You can also assign your followers to several circles at once. When posting new content from within Engagor, it’s super easy to target your post towards the people you’d like to reach.

  • Google is also working on a direct link between Google search results and your Google+ page, enabling people to immediately start following you when they find your website on Google. This is now already possible for personal Google+ accounts. This link between your website and your Google+ account, adds up to your ranking in Google.

Manage Google+ Pages

As soon as you link your company’s Google+ Page to an Engagor topic, you can start publishing on Google+: post new content on your page and reply to comments.

When needed, you can always add links and images to a post on your Google+ Page. We also support posting to several profiles (even cross-platform) at once. Scheduling posts, working on drafts or sending posts for approval to your colleagues, this is all part of the standard Engagor workflow, and possible for Google+ posts too.

On top, when you’re having second thoughts on a post you published on your Google+ Page or you come across an inappropriate comment, you can easily moderate your Google+ page from within Engagor.

Track competitors’ Google+ pages

Of course we’ve also made it possible to track activity from competitors’ Google+ pages, enabling you to draw comparisons for the performance of several pages.

Interesting analytics we show you for Google+ pages include follower growth, applause/engagement rates and popular stories/users.

We’re continually working on integrating new social platforms. Keep an eye on our blog and newsletter if you want to be the first to know about our latest integrations. Want to start publishing on Google+ from within Engagor? No problem, you can give Engagor a try for 14 days: all for free!